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What makes Credit Repair Solutions stand out from the rest?

  • We take pride in our customers needs and wants. We understand in order to deliver successful results, one must go the extra mile for the clients.
  • We offer a tailored plan that suits your needs and will use expert methods in removing inaccurate mis-information from your credit.
  • Unlike other companies who send out generic letters you can do yourself, we use expert tactics along with a wide range of expertise to make sure we remove the negative items from your credit. Once we remove the items, they never come back!
  • We have over 15 years of experience.
  • Hablamos Español

Credit Check

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Our Programs and Scores are guaranteed, as long as all client responsibilities are met.

Credit Repair Program

We help you delete, repair, and correct any negative and/or derogatory information on your credit report, such as:

* Collections
* Charge Off’s
* Medical Bills
* Collections
* Charge Off’s
* Medical Bills
* Child Support
* Bankruptcies
* Paid Collections
* Identity Theft
* We also offer Rapid Deletions

Debt Negotiation

We help you negotiate debts and you pay a small portion of your debt directly to the creditor.

Lines Of Credit

We can assist in adding seasoned Tradelines to your Credit Report, these lines increase your scores instantly.


You guys were very patient with me in helping me with my 9 collections. I really loved how you did all the work for me by calling the collectors and negotiating the settlements to prices I could actually do. I felt like I was drowning and had no hope of ever buying a home. I am debt free, my credit is clean, my scores are good, and I have my own home all to you, thank you.

Mark M.

You guys helped me delete ALOT of accounts. Thank you! I got my house.

Selina L.

Thank you guys, got my truck! That Tradeline got me to a 720!

Ceaser H.

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Our credit specialist tailors a plan specifically for you, Guaranteeing the credit score you deserve.


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Debt Negotiation

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